Friday, 19 December 2014

George Stinney: a tweet that brought tears to my eyes.

Looking through my twitter time-line, i couldn't help but notice a picture of a small boy tweeted by @bet, curious i quickly went to google to check out the name.
Several articles written about this name today, so even more curious now i went to wikipedia to go check what the whole story was about. Read it all here:

After the first 5 lines, i just started crying- not that i knew anyone in the write-up but i just kept saying the words "how can any human being bring himself to put a 14 year old on electric chair, how cruel can people be!"

Several questions went through my mind as i just couldn't stop crying: how did his family take the whole ordeal?
-the mother who bore and nursed him to that age?
- the father, sacked from work and had to flee the town with his family for fear of them all being lynched by an angry mob? Who couldn't be there for his son?
- the sister, who he was with when the white girls passed?
- George himself, seconds before massive currents were shot through his small body?

I am not racist but i do not need soothsayers to tell me that the case would have been judged way differently if the "supposed murderer", now exonerated 70years after was white and his victims were black.

I recently watched 2 videos: 1, where a white man in broad daylight shot an unarmed black male and also another where Eric Garner was literary choked to death.

America, how can you preach freedom when you clearly put the black man down everytime?
What moral justification do you have to speak about equality when you have issues like these in your backyard?

Oh America, heal thy self first!

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