Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Photos Speak: Bloggers Party 2014

JennyChisom, initiator

                                                    Jenny Chisom the initiator and Charles Novia

                                   Touring House 43: Safron Cafe, See Hamzy, JennyChisom, JecyKeshy, Ebuka,
                                                  Simon Ateba, JennyChisom

                              Talk time: Chukwudi Iwuchikwu, Swank farm, Ebuka, Jecinta Keshy,
                                                     Hamzy, Mida and many more

                                                                     Dinner time
                                                   House43 manager, addressing the party
                                            Givers Club's Daniel Soetan, Mohamed of VoguePay
                                             Ifeanyi Aniagoh
                                                Charles Novia, giving a talk on Niche blogging
                                                              Bloggers party, 2014! yea!

                                     Jenny with Mr. Goddy Ekpo, a special guest from festival.com

                        Jenny with Ajibola of Swankpharm blog, Apolmida of Missmidalicious blog 
                                                  and Adebo, a legal comentator


esosandraUTD said...

I love your blog, very informative. There's not much bloggers here, it should be free to bloggers next time by invitation.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Almost everyone you see is a blogger, great outing it was! I think if there are sponsors, It may be free but not all bloggers can still attend because last year the party was free @esosandraUTD