Sunday, 31 May 2015

Top 6 Amala Joints In Abuja

Amala is a delicacy loved by a lot of people. Popularly consumed by the western part of Nigeria, this meal is made from yam flour.

A lot of people like amala, so we decided to go look for where you can find this delicious meal in Abuja.

Below is our top 6, enjoy.....

No. 1: opposite next cash n carry

No. 2: Amala joint in Wuye, located just before Peace Haven hotel.

No. 3: Popularly called Alaja, this place is by the guest house near Jevinik in Wuse2.

No. 4: Car wash place: Coming from Apo, it is the car wash just before Blake resort- Garki.
No. 5: Mama Badan, located on Enugu street, off Lagos street in Garki. What stands this one out is that they open on Sundays.

No 6: Secretariats, located opposite the secretariats in CBD(Central Business District). Here you can find a lot of options.


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