Saturday, 18 February 2017

Charles Novia Speaks Against The Arrest Of Audu Maikori By DSS In Abuja Today

Top Nollywood player, CEO and a huge
critic of the present government of Nigeria Charles Novia has spoken sharply against the arrest by DSS of big boss at Chocolate City- Audu Maikori.

Read what he said after the cut...

Just read that my friend Audu Maikori, the CEO of Chocolate City, has been arrested by the DSS and has been detained.

His detention has to do with his outspoken views on the Southern Kaduna killings. He's from Southern Kaduna and recently reported a story his driver told him about the killings but later recanted it when his private investigation found the driver to had misled him.

In any case, he has been a strong voice in the condemnation of the senseless killings in that state and must have riled the Short Kahuna in Kaduna.

I add my voice to the growing #FreeAudu movement and call for the unconditional release of Audu Maikori from detention immediately.

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