Thursday, 9 March 2017

Abuja: 10 Things You didn't Know about Bash Amuneni

Bash Amuneni is a Spoken Word expect, moulds things with words, but I bet you already know that. He has a show next month where he launches his collection titled there's a lunatic in every town but I bet
you already know these. But below are some things you didn't know about Bash...

1: he loves to eat. Now for someone who has no pot belly it's amazing how he even does it. 
2. He loves to speak pidgin English, don't let his mastery of the English language fool you.
3. He adores his wife. Yes ladies, Bash is not in the market. Love his art, not him biko. 
4. Hes a banker...  Yes,  he can help you keep and grow your money. 
5. Bash hails from Nassarawa State. 
6. He's an architect. 
7. He's a super Eagles supporter, yes he likes football(which Nigerian man doesn't-right) 
8. He was invited to perform at the inauguration of President Buhari.
9. His earlier poetic  influences were Richard Ntiru and Odia Ofiemun 
10. Bash was paid N10,000 at his first paid poetry performance in 2013 by a church during a Valentines day dinner.

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