Thursday, 13 July 2017

Corn: Street Food Of The Season

Nigeria is blessed with a lot of edibles- from fruits, to vegetables, to livestock and then to what is now popularly called "swallows"- which is a blanket name for anything cooked and swallowed with soup. 
There are many varieties you can choose from.

While what is regarded as food and what is termed snack defers from one person to another, some things are mostly considered snacks or better still street foods, in this case. 
Today we have a lot of snacks  or

street foods, that are made almost everywhere you turn in all the major cities in Nigeria- one of such snack or street food is the corn.
Eaten either with coconut or pear- corn is sold either boiled or roasted- it makes for the perfect snack.

Boiled or roasted, which do you prepare? 

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