Thursday, 19 October 2017

3 New Robbery Techniques Used On Abuja Roads

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It has been reported that Abuja is now becoming what we normally would hear about Lagos and a few other State in relation to crime. 
The audacious way with which these guys(and girls) carry out their acts makes you wonder what our police are doing. 
Let us be our brothers' keepers, let's be careful now more than ever before. 

1- Rocks on the road: 
It has been reported several times by survivors of these acts that these miscreants either throw huge rocks on or in your car to get you to stop on the highway so they can rob
We advice that: you do not drive too fast on the high ways any more so that you can dodge or if you can reverse quickly.
2- Damsel in distress:
Yes, these cowboys of the night now have female members to to pose as damsels in distress to force you to slow down and when you do they rob you at either knife point or gun point.
We advice that: you take a few minutes to access the situation, to make sure it is really a distress situation and not a plot to rob you. Try to stay in your car most of the time as this is your fastest route away from the scene if you are the intending victim.
3- Pseudo accident scene:
These miscreants now set up scenes that look like accident scenes to rob people who are trying to see and help what they think is an accident scene.
We advice that: you should observe from a distance, besides its always better to call relevant authorities about the scene than attempt to "help".

The safest people to call who will spread the information fastest are the radio stations as they have the police contacts at their finger tips but more importantly, they can warn people around.

As the rains have been replaced with light harmattan haze, Abuja we know there are lots of events lined up so we employ you to keep safe.

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I like these techniques and approaches so much because they are very original. Thank you for gathering this information for your website. Educational resources like would be glad to share it with their audience.