Tuesday, 14 November 2017

#HelloAbuja: Toastmasters, Able 'Midwives' In The Labour Room

"Oh God of creation, direct our noble cause; guide our leaders right,  help our youths the truth to know..."

The words of the Nigeria national anthem calls us to a rebirth of a greater Nigeria, with
the pillars being responsible Leadership and truly committed Youths. 

Like a woman with Child, some
young people with a vision for a greater Nigeria, pregnant with big ideas that needed to be birthed, embarked on a 60 day journey into the Labour room. The production crew of the very first reality show of its kind set to work on a project that would change the narrative.  37 'governors' were selected from the 36 states and the FCT to travail in this National rebirth.  
Like a woman in labour must 'push' to bring forth her child, they were excited to push forth great ideas for Enterprise development and National emergence. Yes,  this travail must begin, something big is coming! 

The Toastmasters team was called upon as able Midwives in this rebirth. Our aim - to equip the governors with Leadership and Communication skills. The session was beamed live on National TV and streamed online with millions watching. 
A Toastmasters demo meeting was conducted, 
selected Governors participated in table topics.  The Toastmasters team played their roles in giving feedback and in presenting the benefits of Toastmasters to the governors, crew and viewers. 
Indeed,  this was a big leap in the achievement of #Project Nigeria.

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