Monday, 27 November 2017

Patrick Otoro Writes Heartfelt Words To His Wife

We are 18 today, and Our Hallelujah belongs to HIM. 

Over the years, we've balanced each other out, 

We've had our bad days, 

And we've certainly had our great comebacks,

You've been an incredible team mate, 

You've made my life wonderful,

You've been my support through the years.

Yes I've made a couple of bad decisions, but you've bored 

the consequences with me,

It's indeed puzzling how you've bee
n so supportive and 

encouraging, especially during those trying times. 

All the words in the dictionary cannot truly describe how grateful I am to you, 

Of a truth, this day reminds me that God truly loves me, for 

He gave me you.

It's been an honour to be your husband and the father of our 

adorable children. I'm so glad we're celebrating the beginning 
of another year together.

Thank you for putting up with all my faults and for 

celebrating my good qualities. 

I love ❤️ you loads. 

Eseme, Happy 18th Anniversary!!! I will always be, "YOUR 



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