Thursday, 8 March 2018

ABUJA: Hair Summit 3.0, Loading...

You are all invited to join us as we mark the 3rd Edition of the African Hair Summit 😄😄 For those of you who do not know, the African Hair Summit is a platform created to sensitize people about the toxic chemicals in hair and beauty products, to promote the beauty in the African Natural hair and to encourage the local manufacture of organic hair and
beauty products. This edition just got even better with the export window we have created for local manufacturers of healthy hair and beauty products. Who says things can't get better? 😄

As time progresses, you will keep finding more reasons why you should attend the Summit this year. So please save the date and repost, tell friends, family, colleagues and loved ones. 
To participate in the African Hair Summit 2018 as a guest or a vendor,  kindly visit to register or you can write us@ and keep following @africanhairsummit for more information.💛💛💛💛 #africanhairsummit #photizolifefoundation #communityoutreach #humanity #africanhairsummit2018 #africanhairsummitloading #healthyhairandlifestylewalk #naturalhaircampaign #healthyhair #healthylifestyle #freetoembrace

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Caleb said...

What a great event. I have seen announce on and were really interested in this. And know I have many friends from around the world and now i can visit them. Thank you very much!