Monday, 12 March 2018

Farin Ruwa Waterfalls Day Trip Adventure

Cascading. °
Hurtling down the barren stone tower.. °
Through the craggy, coarse cliffs
Refining, creating views and feelings so uplifting...
Streaming from origin to delta, non stop, not defined by borders or boundaries, through time, steadily
Under the falls, peace of mind comes into view as it steadily beckons that we become one with nature...
It's the #FarinRuwaWaterFalls day trip and the excitement is so high, we almost can't sleep...
MusterPoint: Maitama Amusement park. Maitama. Abuja.
MusterTime: 7am. (Prompt).
MusterDate: 17th March 2018.
Trip Cost: 5k. (Transport. Meal. Refreshments. Security. Pictures.)
Payment closes 12th March 2018, 6pm.
Please confirm payment by sending a whatsapp message to 08074316551.
Come along with your smiles and don your adventurous toga.
Please use the hashtag #MTFarinRuwa2018 °
The waterfall calls... °

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