Thursday, 19 April 2018

6 Ways To Prevent Lassa Fever In Abuja

Did you know that the disease was discovered in and named after a town called 'Lassa' in Borno state more than 40 years ago?

Below are ways to prevent lassa fever in Abuja
 1. Keep your environment clean, encourage your neighbours too to do the same. Think about it, isn't it a
waste to clean your environment while your neigbhours' houses have the rats? It will be only a matter of time before yours is infected again.

2. Wash your hands often.

3. Wash every fruits, vegetables- basically every edibles very well before consumption. 

4. Wash the exterior of canned products before opening and consumption.

5. Information is key- know the symptoms so you can avoid a carrier.

6. Stay away from "Bush meat" for now. 

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