Monday, 18 June 2018

#ALitFest2018 Brought To You By Abuja Literary Society Loading

The Abuja Literary Society celebrates it's 20th anniversary with the maiden Abuja Literary and Arts Festival; *#ALitFest 2018,*

The maiden festival is a 3 day event that promises to not only excite would be attendees, but open up Abuja as well as Nigeria to the World as captured in it's theme; *'Nigeria to the World'*

The Festival promises to be one of a kind as a cocktail of arts exhibitions, literary panel discussions and book readings, Fashion festival, unique Nigerian dishes, etc will be on display.

Do not miss these 3 days of interesting, educating, and entertaining activities including Master classes, panel discussions, film screenings, musical performances, and the famous ALS Poetry grand Slam.

You also don't want to miss the experience at the festival bar where, in partnership with Nigeria's foremost brewers; Bature Brewery, eponymous craft brews such as the "Okonkwo beer" will be enjoyed, as participants engage, network and inspire each other in the true spirit of the Abuja Literary Society...

Join us as we make history in Abuja and Nigeria

Early birds; ₦1,500
From June 21st; ₦2,000
At the Festival Venue; ₦2,500

Get your tickets via this link;

 Visit for MORE details.

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